Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New presents!!!!

Ok girlies a new week has begun, and I am so excited I finally bought my birthday present, I know no laughing it took me that long to save up the rest of the money..... LOL It is a Nikon D40 .... I am so excited!!! So look on the blog soon and you may see some of my new photos I start taking.... I hope all is well and hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week! Take care, and God bless!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


okay so just so everyone knows I am still alive, lol.... I could not figure out my password to save my life, and I finally figured it out, so I now am back on with the blog.... So this next week is fall break WOO-HOO!!! However, I will still be going into work for the heck of it (WOW you can really tell I am from Irving College, I just said heck lol). No work is going great we are having so many new patients, I love putting braces on and taking them off. After all I mean we all need a reason to smile right? For all the girls who watch t.v. I must inform you Brothers & Sisters new season begins tonight @ 9:00. When I use to live in Murfreesboro I would always come home Sunday afternoons and spend the night with my parents, so last fall mom made me watch the show, and needless to say I am addicted now... THANKS MOM. On the subject of mom, I am so proud she is feeling better, still soar and tired but better.... Mom had surgery Friday to have her gallbladder removed (and i hope i spelled that correct). The surgery went well, so thanks to everyone for all the prayers! I really appreciate all her work now, I mean with her not being able to do a lot right now I have been able to see just how much of mom's work goes unnoticed.... All you mothers work so hard and seldomly get an, "I love you, or thanks mom." So this surgery has been more than a medical procedure to my family because we now know what all mom has been doing without any help from us. Anyways, I guess this will be it for today. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and make sure to get outside today the weather is amazing....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Well OK so I am twenty!!! WOO-HOO... lol anyways, OK so for today my goal is to be thankful. I feel like I spend so much time looking around at what all I want to accomplish, and all the things I do not have. Instead, my goal for turning twenty and starting my new decade is one word: contentment. I want to first be content with my life, be content with all the things that I do have, and not worrying about the things I do not have. Honestly all month I have been dreading my birthday. OK all you girls will laugh when you find out why? The answer, I did not want to be alone and single on my birthday. But I think until today I did not realize the most important thing, and that is that I am not alone. today I have received literally 35 phone calls already, who from, none other than my family, friends, co-workers, and everyone. I now know I am so lucky because I have the most amazing family, the family that most people would give anything to have. Then next is my friends, OK if you are a friend of mine you are family as well. My friends are so important to me because they are the family that I chose, and lets be honest if everyone had great guy friends like Shawn, Andy, and Kurt, then there would be no room for any other guys. These guys are like brothers, and best friends. Then there are my favorite girlfriends Callie, Kim, Kristen,and April each of which called me early this morning. So I now know that my life is grand, I am content, and I am right where I want to be in life starting my twenties! To everyone that has called, mailed a card, text me, or emailed, or made a post, THANK YOU! It is so wonderful to have such wonderful people in my life. I am closing with one thought: What a wonderful way to start another year of life! God Bless you all!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Just another day, another year, yet a new decade!

okay so tomorrow will be my birthday; however, it feels like just another day. I will only be twenty, so the only thing that will change is not being able to blame everything I do wrong, on just being a young teenager. However, I am approaching twenty as a new decade, and really long journey of new beginnings and some endings. I now am realizing what my parents are saying when they tell me, " gosh, you are growing up." But here is the truth behind it all, growing up is kind of scary. I mean to me, I look back at who I once was and it seems as if that was all I could wish for, to simply grow up, and now that the real world is in front of me I am petrified. I remember my first day of college two years ago, I went to Tennessee Tech. It was August 29,2005 and my English 101 teacher welcomed me and the rest of the class, by stating, "welcome to the real world, now you will understand that life was sweet and carefree at seventeen." Most people would think gosh what a terrible thing to say, I look back now and think wow how true! So my blog today represents age, although it seems like as women we have this fear of what decade approaches us next, perhaps we can learn to just go with the flow. Be content, by not knowing what always lies ahead, and instead what lies within us, who we are, who we spend our time with, and those that we love. Each day is a gift from God. That sounds funny coming from me because I am no where near appreciative enough for all the days he has given me, but just for tomorrow I hope to wake up and say, "thank you God for the past 365 days that you gave me."